• Introduction of Taihe Hospital

   Taihe Hospital (original name was People's Hospital of Yunyang District) is located in Shiyan City, the water source of the Mid-line Project of "South-North Water Diversion" Project and a commercial automobile industry city known as "Oriental Detroit" under the foot of Wudang Mountain which is known as the holy land of Taoism and listed in the world cultural heritage. Taihe Hospital has grown into an innovative major comprehensive hospital of top grade in china integrating medical care, medical teaching and research, preventive medicine, health care, first aid, rehabilitation, medical training and ect. It is acknowledged as state resident physician training base and state general practitioner cultivation base. As a medical center in the middle east of China, it provides medical service to a region covering six cities of four provinces including Hubei, Henan, Shanxi and Sichuan with a population of around 26,000,000.

  • History and Development

??In 1965, People's Hospital of Yunyang District was founded by 53 medical workers from Wuhan Medical College (now known as Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology) and its affiliated hospital. They made great contribution by moving and settling down in this mountainous area of northwest of Hubei Province with their families. Because Wudang Mountain was called Taihe Mountain in ancient times and medicine and Taoism were of the same origin in Chinese culture, the hospital changed its name into Taihe Hospital in 1995 when the Yunyang County was merged with Shiyan City so as to inherit medical culture of Taoism and promote the professional ethics and integrity of medicine.

  • Hospital Scale

678333金牛网论坛-金牛网155755-金牛网155755开奖结果-42923acom金牛版 ??Currently the hospital is comprised of one base and two divisions (East Division and Taiji Lake Division). It is managing two hospitals (Renming Hospital of Yunyang District and Reming Hospital of Shennongjia Forest District) as well. With total assets of 2 billion yuan and construction area of 376 thousand square meters, the hospital can accommodate 3,260 beds and average open 2802 beds. Among its over 3926 staff members there are a great number of experts and scholars including over 625 High ranked professional staff, over 800 staff with doctor and master degrees, 6 experts entitled to Government Special Allowance supported by the State Council of China, 5 experts entitled to Prominent Contributors of Hubei Province, 4 experts entitled to Government Special Allowance supported by Hubei Province, 2 experts of 1,000 Talents Plan of China, 2 experts of 100 Talents Plan of Hubei Province, 1 leading medical expert of Hubei Province, 11 staff with national second rank of profession and 18 with national third rank of profession. In 2014, the hospital had treated 1.63 million outpatients, 119,000 inpatients and performed 55,200 surgeries.

  • Disciplines Establishment

678333金牛网论坛-金牛网155755-金牛网155755开奖结果-42923acom金牛版 ??The hospital has 68 clinical departments and 15 paramedical departments, including one state key discipline (Department of Rehabilitation), one state key specialized discipline(Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion), three provincial key disciplines (Internal Medicine, Surgery and Anaesthesiology), twenty-five provincial key disciplines of Hubei Province (Department of Gastroenterology, Department of Psychiatry, Department of Respiratory Medicine, Department of Cardiology, Department of Rheumatology and Immunology, Department of Infectious Diseases, Department of General Surgery, Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Pediatrics, Department of Ophthalmology, Department of Dermatology, Department of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology, Department of Radiology, Department of Clinical Laboratory, Department of Pharmacy, Department of Pathology, Department of Blood Transfusion, Department of Clinical Nursing and ect.), two state Chinese medicine research and exploration laboratories, one provincial key laboratory of Hubei Province (Human Embryonic Stem Cell Laboratory) and one Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Clinical Medical Research Center.

  • Specialized Technologies

?? The hospital has played a leading role in several specialized technologies with distinctive characteristics and advantages, including cell-therapy Technology, replantation technology, interventional radiology technology, wound repair technology, rehabilitation medicine technology, tumor control and treatment technology, endoscopic surgery technology, endoscopy diagnosis and treatment technology, minimally invasive surgical technology, bone marrow transplantation technology, test-tube baby technology and etc. It is acknowledged as the State Medical Base of Stroke Prevention Screening and Treatment in China, Medical Base of Treating Congenital Heart Disease in Children of Hubei Province, appointed medical institution of Prenatal Diagnosis Centers of Hubei Province and appointed hospital for Hearing Diagnosis and Intervention of Hubei Province.

  • Medical Equipments

?? There are large number of highly advanced medical equipments in Taihe Hospital, including PET-CT, 3.0 T magnetic resonance, 128 multidetector row CT, IGRT linear accelerator, 10M Cyclotron, high throughput gene sequencing device and so on

  • Scientific Research Achievements

?? The Hospital has been very supportive of its staff's scientific researches and the application of their innovations. Over 230 scientific research achievements had been given credibility by authority. Over 180 scientific research achievements had won Prizes for Progress in Science and Technology given by Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health, Hubei Province and Shiyan City respectively. 12 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China have been conducted in the hospital. The hospital has excelled the level of its domestic counterparts on both scientific research achievements and awards. Over 15,000 academic papers had been published on ISTIC journals and SCI journals (170 of them) by hospital staff and 120 academic books had been published.

  • Medical Teaching

678333金牛网论坛-金牛网155755-金牛网155755开奖结果-42923acom金牛版 Taihe Hospital has undertaken the teaching tasks for both undergraduates and junior college students of Hubei University of Medicine. It also helps to cultivate post graduates of the university. Beside that, it is the post graduates cultivation base for Medical Department of Xi`an Jiaotong University, Medical Department of Wuhan University, Hubei University of Chinese Medicine and Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. There are over 98 advisers of postgraduates and doctorate candidates in the hospital and 22 standard training bases of resident doctors.

  • Hospital Administration

??678333金牛网论坛-金牛网155755-金牛网155755开奖结果-42923acom金牛版 Taihe Hospital has paid great attention to administrative innovations. It has implemented several effective measures to promote the rapid development of the hospital, including the Three Supportive Strategies and Five principles to guide the scientific developments of disciplines; efficient management to optimize processes and reduce waste; comprehensive management system of performance to enhance development and adjust structure, quality control systems on three levels to fulfill all-around quality supervision; annual theme activities with one theme a year to learn from each other and outstanding performance management model to provide sustainable development for the hospital.

  • Hospital Group

678333金牛网论坛-金牛网155755-金牛网155755开奖结果-42923acom金牛版 ??Taihe Hospital keeps refining the administrative model and enhancing the development of medical associations and health service industry. It has been managing Reming Hospital of Yunyang District and Reming Hospital of Shennongjia Forest District and merged Reming Hospital of Wudang Mountains Tourism Economic Zone. It founded Taihe Health Capital Management Co. Ltd and Taihe Techniques Training Center as well. The first Maternal and Baby Care Center and first Seniors Nursing Home with Medical Service in Shiyan City were established by the hospital and now it has grown into an enterprise group which provides health service to people of all ages.


  • Cultural Construction

??Taihe Hospital has always been enthusiastic about public welfare and committed to continuous improvement of medical quality and medical services. The core values of Taihe Hospital include Virtue, Precision, Harmony and Saving Lives. The essence of Taihe culture is promoting benevolence and benefiting the all. With the belief of seeking harmony but not uniformity, Taihe aims to providing the best services to the patients with noble professional ethics and unreserved contribution. Taihe has become a cultural brand symbolizing the sanctity of medicine just like Wudang Mountain the Taoism.


Despite new challenges, Taihe Hospital is promoting transformation and upgrading with enthusiasm and striving to improve its quality and efficiency. Today, we are making strenuous efforts in building a regional medical center in the middle west of China.

1 Introduction of Taihe Hospital
2 History and Development
3 Hospital Scale
4 Disciplines Establishment
5 Specialized Technologies
6 Medical Equipments
7 Scientific Research Achievements
8 Medical Teaching
9 Hospital Administration
10 Hospital Group
11 Cultural Construction
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